The Velvet gloves
- by Balakrishna Kamath

An edge of the seat thriller on the ever elusive intelligence operatives and their dicey games

About the book

A Real Intelligence Thriller



The book is aimed at giving the readers a feel of the functioning of intelligence services and its operatives. The general notion about intelligence profession is that it is a bizarre realm of cloak and dagger game played in picturesque locales with damsels and guns thrown in at regular intervals. The general portrayal of detectives and spies in popular novels and films only strengthened this pompous belief. Anyone associated with intelligence organisations will know the truth is far from this simplistic interpretation. Intelligence is in actuality a strenuous, monotonous and most often a lonely game played away from the limelight. Behind the juicy bits and spectacular endings of the operations that become known in the public domain, there always is a long trail of hard work and grit shown by operatives to overcome constant physical and mental challenges. The book is not planned to cover the entire ambit of the functioning of intelligence set-ups or the finer nuances of running of operations. It is a fictional storyline woven to throw light on the various aspects of the human factor that sustain an intelligence operation even at extreme personal cost. 

A Lethal Game Unfolds...


The background in which the story is narrated is inimitable. In a strange coincidence, India’s internal Intelligence Agency  and the FBI of the US, happened to come face to face with what was initially a low key conflict. Both have their own stands on the dispute and could not budge to make space for a settlement. They had their own secrets to guard which also prevented them from opening up to each other to find a solution. The matter escalated into a tussle, yet both took care not to allow it to spill into the public domain as they were weary of the diplomatic fall out and possible repercussions on the otherwise friendly relations between the two countries. Thus that precarious game became a tight rope walk for both.

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About The author


Balakrishna Kamath is a former IB officer . He is a recipient of the coveted national level honours such as the Indian Police Medal and President’s Police Medal. 

Although passionate about writing, being in Government service, Kamath had no opportunity to write for open media. It was only after he hung up his professional boots that he started writing, mainly fiction, for public domain. 


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